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Medical examinations / TreatmentsPRICE (PLN)
Medical consultation adults/children230
Issuance of e-prescription / sick note / application50
Online laryngologist consultation180
Consultation with fiberoptic examination of throat, larynx, nose270
Home visit350
Examination within the framework of occupational medicine in the field of laryngology80
Ear rinsingincluded in the visit price
Small medical procedure - removal of a foreign body from the throat, tamponade of a nosebleed80*
Needle puncture of the sinuses200*
Proetz sinus wash180*
Paracentesis - incision of the eardrum30*
Removal of an oral lesion (price depending on the size of the lesion)from 400 + histopat. 85
Removal of small adhesions inside the nose under local anesthesiafrom 350*
Nasal tamponade removal200
Coagulation of bleeding vessels in the nasal cavity by CELON / CRIOCHRURGY method.350*
Incision of a hematoma/leprosy350
Repositioning the nasal bone after a fracture400*
Upper frenectomy under local anesthesia50*
Tongue frenectomy (lower) under local anesthesia160*
Conchoplasty - reduction of the nasal conchae by cryosurgery (1 check included in the price)1600**
Conchoplasty - reduction of the nasal conchae using the CELON method (1 check included)1800**
Tonsillotomy - reduction of the palatine tonsils in adults using the Celon method (1 check included in the price)1600**
Tonsillotomy - reduction of tonsils by cryosurgery (1 check included)1800**
Removal of polyps jendostrically (control included in the price)1500**
Removal of polyps bilaterally (control included)2200**
Septoplasty-septum correction under sedation + local anesthesia (1 check included in price)4200**
Septoplasty-septum correction under sedation +conchoplasty under local anesthesia (1 check included)4600**
Histopathological examination85
* - plus consultation cost (230 PLN)
** - plus prior qualifying visit for the procedure required (230 PLN)

TreatmentPRICE (PLN)
Correction of the nasal septum (septoplasty)4950
Correction of the nasal septum (septoplasty) + conchoplasty5250-5550
Closure of nasal septal defect up to 1.5 cm5800
Endoscopic sinus surgery - FESS+ conchoplasty6200-6700
Sinus surgery + septal correction by classical method7700
Removal of the pharyngeal tonsil (adenotomy)3400
Removal of the palatine tonsils (tonsillectomy)4850
Incision of eardrums + adenotomy3500
Removal of the pharyngeal tonsil and undercutting of the palatine tonsils (adenotonsillotomy)4650
Removal of the pharyngeal tonsil and undercutting of the palatine tonsils (adenotonsillotomy) + incision of the tympanic membranes4850
Palate plasty by radiosurgery (Celon) + palatine tonsil trimming (tonsillotomy)5200
Palate plasty by radiosurgery (Celon) + septoplasty5800
Palate plasty by radiosurgery (Celon) + tonsillectomy (tonsillotomy)+correction of nasal auricles (conchoplasty)5600
Palate plasty by radiosurgery (Celon) + septoplasty + conchoplasty6300
Excision of submandibular salivary gland5250
Removal of a central neck cyst5250
Frenectomy (local anesthesia or anesthesiologist)2200-3300
Histopathological examination