We offer world class ear, nose, throat surgeries in adults and children and high quality care. We carry out our surgical procedures with each type of anaesthesia depending on medical indications and patient’s preferences.We have experience of managing complex and challenging cases. We have more than 25 years of experience in ENT surgury.


We provide you with fully professional consultations of experienced doctors. Our specialists offer you all their knowledge and skills. During every consultation our doctors use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment.


Diagnostic procedures are the basis of contemporary medicine; thanks to applying appropriate technology and tools, it is possible to detect a disease in its early stage, to make a precise diagnosis and to start appropriate treatment.

Surgical procedures

When conservative treatment does not bring expected results or is insufficient, we offer surgical treatment. State-of-the-art medical equipment for precision surgeries (such as a set of surgical endoscopes, helps us increase effectiveness and safety during operations, reduce post-surgical discomfort of patients and the risk of complications, and facilitates rapid recovery.

Our Offer

  • Palate correction (Celon method);
  • Volume Reduction of the Tongue Base (Celon method);
  • Conchoplasty (Celon method);
  • Conchoplasty (Cryosurgery method);
  • Volume Reduction of the Tongue Base + Palate correction (Celon method);
  • Conchoplasty+ Palate correction (Celon method);
  • Conchoplasty + Volume Reduction of the Tongue Base (Celon method);
  • Conchoplasty+Palate;
  • Correction+Volume Reduction of the Tongue;
  • Snoring treatment with Fotona Night Lase;
  • Snoreplasty;
  • Nasal polyps.

Price List

Medical consultation150
Medical consultation for children150
Oncological consultation150
Outcall 250
Occupational medicine examination60
Ears irrigationin price of a medical consultation
Small non-invasive treatment during the consultation80*
Sinus puncture180*
Sinus irrigation150*
Sinus irrigation Proetz method150*
Oral lesion ablation350 + histopathology
Frenulotomy (Tongue clipping) local anesthetic 140*
Reposition of fractured nose300*
Tonsil correction (CELON method)1200
Nose blood vessels coagulation350*
Removal of nasal adhesions300*
Excision of oral mucosal lesion350*
Abscess/hematoma incision350*
Polyps removal (one-sidedly)1300
Polyps removal (biconvex)2000
* + consultation cost

Eligibility for treatment120
Palatine tonsil cryptolysis (cryosurgery method)*1400 Promotion 1250
Tonsillotomy (cryosurgery method)*1500
Conchoplasty (cryosurgery method)*1100
Oral lesion removal (Cryosurgery method)- price is set according to lesion size*
od 300
Skin lesion removal (Cryosurgery method)- price is set according to lesion size*od 300
* + Eligibility for treatment cost120
Medical consultation150
Septoplasty+ Conchoplasty3900
Nasal septal defect closure (up to 1,5 cm)5000
Functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS)4950
FESS + nasal septum 5200
FESS (maxillary sinus)4600
Paracentesis + Adenotomy2400
Adenotomy with Tonsillotomy3600
Adenotomy +Tonsillotomy + Paracentesis3800
Tonsillotomy + Palate correction (Celon method)3900-4200
Palate correction (Celon method) + septoplasty4500
Palate correction (Celon method) + Tonsillotomy + Conchoplasty4500
Palate correction (Celon method) + Conchoplasty +Septoplasty4600
Submandibular gland removal4200
Removal of the central cyst of the neck4200

Our Specialist

lek. med. Aleksnader Żmudziński, laryngolog, laryngolog dziecięcy, lekarz medycyny estetycznej

dr Aleksander Żmudziński
Graduate of the 1st Faculty of the Medical University of Gdańsk, Aleksnader Żmudziński, is a second degree specialist in otolaryngology. Connected with the clinic of the 2nd Faculty of the II Medical University of Bydgoszcz for 20 years already. Aleksander Żmudziński specialises in problems related to upper respiratory tract patency disorders, which may lead to snoring or even sleep apnoea. Aleksnader Żmudziński carries out plastic surgery treatments of the palate and procedures aimed at removal of palatine tonsil crypts in patients who suffer from deposition of white congestive content in the crypts.