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Nail fungus is a common condition and it easily spreads. Mail fungus represents one third of all fungus infections and ½ of all nail diseases. One can infect oneself  during staying in public places (pool, sauna, fitness studio), wrong foot hygiene or occlusive footwear.

Factors that can increase your risk of developing nail fungus include medica conditions such as: diabetes, adiposis, anemia, hormonal changes, chemotherapy, long antibiotic therapy. Ethiologialy trhee group of fungus causes nail fungus – dermatophyte, yeasts and molds.

As the condition spreads, nail become matt, yellow-gray, white or greenish color. Its edge becomes brittle, crumbly or ragged. Whole nail cracks and is easily injuried.

First sypthoms appear usually on one nail  along the free edge of the nail and then spraed across the whole nail.In some cases the edge of the nail can lift or fall, what causes painful injuries and additional pathological condition. At the beginning nail fungus is not very burdensome, however it should not be neglected, because the advanced stadium is hard to cure. Highly changed nail must be treated with antibiotics or laser therapy and the speccialist – podologist – who, besides laser treatment, will mechanicaly clean the nail from fungus.

Remember, that nail fungus can reoccur. We encourage our patients to react quickly when first sympthoms appear and to listen to the specialist prescriptions.

Our modern laser Alpha System uses the IPL Ultra Short Pulse technology and provides us with safe and effective treatment overheating the fungus and desactivating nail bacterias to the point of perfect pureness.

This unique therapy offers powerful way to treat nail fungus without medications.

Laser fungus treatment


Every type of fungus infections


Active viral changes

Diabetes (in some cases)


Photoallergical medicaments and herbs


Breast feeding

Preparations before laser treatment:

Feet should be clean, withot any creams, ointmensts, nail polish – classic or hybrid. Do not try to „hide” in any way the changed spot – the specialist needs to see the spot to judge its condidtion.


1 nail350840 you save 2101225 you save 525
2 nails300 720 you save 180 1050 you save 450
3 nails250600 you save 150875 you save 375
Whole foot900 2160 you save 5403150 you save 1350