Alpha system is a device joining two, the most advanced technologies which enables to proceed many non surgical aethetic treatments. Modern diode laser 808nm removes hair effectively, IPL technology gives great results with acne, tan discoloration and photorejuvination. Melanine meter MILO is a great advantage. It allows to set treatment personalized parameters according to skin type  by measuring melanine level in the treatment area.

Alpha System obtained FDA medical certificate and it’s effeciveness is proved clinicaly. Digital melanine meter provides saltey foir every skintype through the whole year and integrated contact cooling system addidionally provides comfortable treatment conditions.

Treatment description

Laser depilation is the most effective method of hair removal. The beam of light penetrates melanine through the skin to the hair follicles. Light energy is converted to heat which permanently damages hair follicles. Importat fact is that hair do not grow simultaneously. Just some of hair are in the growing phase – those hair react to laser light. The rest fo the hair stay in the sleeping phase. That is why regular repetitions of the treatment is vital. Depending on the area, a set of 6-8 treatments every 4-8 weeks is recommended.


  • herpes
  • bacterial/viral skin lesions in the epilation area
  • photoallergical medicaments and herbs
  • wax, sugar,tweezers depilation less than 4 week before laser epilation
  • sun/solarium tan
  • retinoids oral treatment
  • cancer
  • albinism, psoriasis, congenital ichthyosis
  • pregnancy, breast feeding

Pre-treatment recommendations

  • 6 months break before the laser treatment retinoids therapy should be aborted
  • 2 week before the laser treatement stop using photoallergical medicaments and herbs (calendula, ginko, hypericum perforatum)
  • 2-3 weeks before avoid UV exposition
  • 1 week before stop using scrubs and peelings in the epilation area
  • Shave the treatment area 24 hours before the procedure
  • One week before the treatment stop using bronzer
  • One week before the treatment stop using strong antiperspirants (i.e. Etiaxil)
  • On the treatment day do not put any creams, ointments, oils etc. in the epilation area
  • On the day of the procedure drink 2l of water

Recommendations after the treatment

  • for 2 weeks do not sunbathe and use SPF 50 while sun exposition
  • do not use deodorants and antiperspirants directly after epilation
  • for 1 week do not use strong antiperspirants (i.e. Etiaxil)
  • directly atfer leg and bikini epilation wear light, airy clothes
  • do not put makeup directly after the procedure
  • if skin irritation appears – use anodyne creams and ointments (Alantan, Bephanten, Dermopanthen)
  • clean your skin with non-alkoholic fluids
  • gently dry your skin, do not rub
  • wait 2 weeks before using exfoliating products

Moustache200540 you save 60
Beard200540 you save 60
Sideboards200540 you save 60
Cheeks200540 you save 60
Whole face4001080 you save 120
Neck300810 you save 90
Armpits300810 you save 90
Forearms300810 you save 90
Arms350945 you save 105
Whole hands5501485 you save 165
Nipples area200540 you save 60
Chest women300810 you save 90
Chest men5001350 you save 150
Abdomen women300810 you save 90
Abdomen men5001350 you save 150
Abdomen, diagonal line150405 you save 45
Shallow bikini300810 you save 90
Deep bikini350945 you save 105
Buttocks300810 you save 90
Buttocks line150405 you save 45
Back of neck200540 you save 60
Back women300810 you save 90
Back men5001350 you save 150
Calfs and knees4001080 you save 120
Tights5001350 you save 150
Whole legs8002160 you save 240
Feet200540 you save 60
Palms200540 you save 60

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