rich offer of face and body techniques, mesotherapy, hyaluoronic acid, injection lipolysis, platelet-rich plasma (PLP)



30 years of experience, wide range of diagnostic procedures, otolaryngology surgeries, best quality equipement, children and adults treatement


high-tech, painless method of upper air passages examination of children and adults


in Szczecin available only in Olimedica, discount – now only 1250zł!

Snoring and apnea treatement centre

modern diagnostic and treatement methods, cryosurgery, Celon – radiosurgery, apnea snoreplastic in domestic conditions

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Novelty First laser with melanine
meter in Szczecin

Hair removal Thread vein closure Erythema reduction Tan discoloration removal Photorejuvenation Mycosis treatement Treatments throughout the year

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Olimedica – a place of high standard

Our medical centre is one of the most experienced facilities in the area of snoring and apnea diagnostics and treatment. We are the only centre in Szczecin  comprehensively treating snoring with cutting-edge, non-invasive methods on an outpatient basis – radiosurgery Celon, criosurgery, snoreplastic surgery. To our patients we also offer consultations and procedures in: otolaryngology, aestethic medicie, orthopaedics, reablement and trichology taking care of the highest quality of diagnostics, treatement and medical care

The widest selection of technologies

We constantly seek  for high-tech solutions –  the most effective and comfortable, based on the newest  contemporary  medicine achievements and the best diagnostic and treatement equipement from the best producers. It allows us to diagnose and perform full profile surgery  treatement with the finest safety standards.

Treatement plan chosen by experts

Our key to success is our qualified staff. 30 years-expierienced ENT doctor, and other qualified specialists use their knowledge gained during multiple training courses, syposiums and conferences to treat every patient individualy using the latest achievements in their fields. Our work is our grat passion and thanks to that we may serve You on the highest level and gain furher satisfied patients. Thank You all for Your trust and appreciation for our work.

Izabela & Aleksander Żmudzińscy