lek. med. Aleksnader Żmudziński, laryngolog, laryngolog dziecięcy, lekarz medycyny estetycznejAleksander Żmudziński – otolaryngology specialist

Graduate of the 1st Faculty of the Medical University of Gdańsk, Aleksnader Żmudziński,  is a second degree specialist in otolaryngology. Connected with the clinic of the 2nd Faculty of the II Medical University of Bydgoszcz for 20 years already. Aleksander Żmudziński specialises in problems related to upper respiratory tract patency disorders, which may lead to snoring or even sleep apnoea. Aleksnader Żmudziński carries out plastic surgery treatments of the palate and procedures aimed at removal of palatine tonsil crypts in patients who suffer from deposition of white congestive content in the crypts. The above mentioned deposition may result in tonsil pains, unpleasant smell from the mouth or discomfort in the throat. Moreover, Aleksander Żmudziński conducts nasal septoplasty and conchoplasty (reduction of the nasal concha) procedures, which considerably improve nasal patency. Aleksnader Żmudziński continuously improves his professional qualifications by participating in training programmes organised in Poland and abroad.