Preparation for Surgery

Regular Medications

In most cases regular medications can be continued up to and including the day of surgery. The exception is drugs that increase bleeding risk such as;

  • aspirin and aspirin containing medications and many others. Also many cold and flu preparations contain aspirin so please check before taking them.
  • anti-inflammatory medications such as Nurofen, Ibuprofen,
  • do not take large doses of vitamin E,
  • do not smoke or limit your smoking,
  • do not eat and drink 3 hours before surgery
  • if before surgery you need painkillers please take Paracetamol/Acetaminophen  ( 1gram).

In most cases these will need to be ceased  4 days prior to surgery. If you are taking these medications please discuss with doctor prior to stopping them.

What to bring to clinic

  • ID
  • Your regular medications.
  • Relevant x-rays and scans

We would like to inform you that some medical procedures within the field of general surgery e.g. nasal septum surgery etc. may be refunded by foregin health funds.

Please note that given medical check-ups hours are approximate and may change.

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